Rain is normally a blessing

Rain is normally a blessing in northwest Kansas, but now when your basement leaks and it’s part of a safe space. Rain made shelter life miserable, “I would assure myself it was the dry season,” Kelsey Hogan, Director of Client Services, said. “And then, it started raining again.”

The basement at the shelter house, a 1960s block basement, was letting water in. Paneling on the walls was damaged and so was the flooring and furniture.

Jennifer Hecker, Executive Director, decided “making do with what you have’ had been a habit and it was time to break the ‘make do’ mindset. 

“When we approached the Robert A. and Patricia E. Schmidt Foundation, we were in hopes of some help for the shelter. Perhaps a portion of what we needed? Because, what we needed was a complete water abatement plan for the shelter, and we know that was a lot!”

Bob and Pat Schmidt, like you, are true heroes to the survivors of domestic abuse in northwest Kansas.

The foundation not only paid for a water abatement system with new guttering and a French drain installation around the shelter home, it also fixed the majority of the damage on the interior and allowed for some new furniture!

Without donors like you and the legacy the Schmidt’s prepared for the community of northwest Kansas, the shelter would not be possible. Thank you!