With Options, healing is a journey.

Tammy’s distress was obvious.

The mobile advocate could see her confusion from across the library. He could also hear the librarian say “As luck would have it, the brand-new Options Mobile Advocacy booth is in town.”

Her need was a simple one, but it meant safety to Tammy. Her advocate could tell she was worried and maybe a little doubtful she could actually get help from the random stranger sitting at a table in the library.

First, her advocate reassured her and validated her feelings. It was a scary thing to take the steps she needed. He reassured her that he knew how to help her and it was free – no charge, ever.

Next, they talked about her needs and how best to help her. Her advocate spoke to her at some length to understand where she was in her survivor’s journey.

Last, but probably the most important step, her advocate listened. He heard her and he comforted her. His council was sound, and his silence was the true gift as Tammy let him understand what she needed in the moment.

You’ve given survivors hope, healing, and…the BEST therapy.

Jacob’s Story

Five-year-old Jacob (of course, not his real name) was introduced to Sunny in his third visit to Options. Jacob was silent and not connecting. Everything changed when Jacob met Sunny, Options’ in-house therapy dog.

Jacob’s Advocate talked to him about dogs and how they can understand and keep secrets. She talked about what dogs need and what dogs give people. That you can tell Sunny things that sometimes you can’t tell other people.

At first it wasn’t going anywhere, but then Jacob pulled Sunny’s ear up and told him every terrible thing that had happened to him and the unimaginable things he had seen his mother and sister go through.

Jacob shared with Sunny all the horror a child should never see. In the end, Jacob patted Sunny on the nose and said, “I know you are going to keep my secrets.”

Donors, like you, gave healing to Jacob. Donations allowed Sunny to hold sacred secrets for many years. Sunny, a golden retriever therapy dog, retired in 2019. He now has the rest he so greatly deserves, but it meant we had to find a replacement.

A few months before the pandemic shut down, a very fuzzy fellow was rescued from the Hays animal shelter! His name is Fonzie!

Fonzie is already working to be the Sunny of tomorrow. This spring, he greeted a boy at the door, a young boy who had been displaced by violence in his home. Boy and dog drifted to a back office floor as his mother and an Options Advocate chatted. Soon, Fonzie was listening as another secret was shared.

Donors like you are supporting Fonzie’s training so he too can be the pro that Sunny came to be, Thank you!

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