Survivor Garden

2022 Survivor Memorial Garden

The iris is a symbol of hope. Help create a garden of hope for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Be part of the hope by writing an encouraging message or uplifting thought, or sharing a prayer for a survivor by clicking “Write an Iris” below. Iris cards will be placed in the Survivors’ Garden.

Logan County Survivor Garden Ceremony

Date:  Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Location:  Bertrand City Park – 700 W 3rd St, Oakley, KS
Time:  4:00 PM

Norton County Survivor Garden Ceremony
Date:  Wednesday, June 1, 2022
Location:  Courthouse Lawn – 105 S Kansas Ave, Norton, KS
Time:  4:00 PM

View the garden and celebration in person or tune in to the live broadcast on our Facebook page the day of each event.

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