Survivor Garden

Your thoughts, experiences, and wishes bring hope & healing to others. Help us create a garden of hope for the survivors of domestic and sexual violence. We will be creating two paper survivor’s gardens in our service area (Hays and Colby) in late May. Please take a moment to provide a share, care, or prayer to a survivor. We will take your comments, place them on a paper iris and plant them in our Survivor’s Garden. 

Please join us for a survivor celebration!

Hays – 215 W 13th St. May 25 at 4 PM
Colby – 1480 W 4th St. May 26 at 4 PM

View the garden and celebration virtually on our Facebook page or in person. Share in the celebration of survivorship and the hope for a future free of domestic and sexual violence.

Thank you for your submission. If you would like to make a monetary donation to help support victims of domestic and sexual abuse, please visit our Donate page.